Welcome to Parise Live!













Abrams Artists Agency. 

New York – Los Angeles.




5 thoughts on “Welcome to Parise Live!

  1. When are you coming to Chicago or Indianapolis (Yes, I know Indiana is a forgotten state! LOL)? My husband and I saw you in Las Vegas this past week, and we thought you were great! We’d love to see you again!

  2. Wheels it’s Mamone,it’s be a long time but I was watching your act and loved it, brought backthe old days with Johnny Roastbeef and Phil and Steady(Rainbow), you looked really heathy and great,I see you have a daughter and are married, me too 2 kids 10 year old daughter (Ashley Rose) & 8 year old son (Joseph Vincent), I’m still in Cali(Ventura) and would love to see you live, if you get the time email me back,I see you play LV , maybe I can get out there this summer w/the family,I talk to Phil and he was just out there,you still hear from him? I just want to say you really transformed your look and it’s awesome, I know how much it means to be heathy, about a year and half ago I suffered cardiac arrest and kidney failure,had to be resuscitated 8 times ,I was in a coma for 2 days,by the grace of God I made it ,3 surgeries and a defibrillator/pacemaker and 21 days in hospital later,all through Christmas & New Years. And I was in great health before this happened, so you keep up the great work staying heathy, because we got little ones who need us! Hope I ain’t bothering you and my email is shared with my wife and kids it’s bayza4@yahoo.com,if I hear back I’ll give you my cell. It’s great to see your doing well in your career too,God Bless

    Thanks Wheels


  3. Saw you in Vegas with ADC, and was one of the best comedy shows my husband and I have ever seen. Hoping you will be back there or in Southern California real soon

  4. When are you coming to New Jersey we have a load of crooked politicos here, I know because I write about them on face book, they asked my wife when is he going back to Brooklyn, the last of the Bath Beach Boys.

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