Ep:1 “The Way I See It”…Wheel’s brother, Victor Parise in Studio Seven H.

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Episode1.  Premier of “the way i see it” Podcast. Today Wheels introduces his brother Victor Parise. Victor recently retired and moved to Henderson, NV., after working 40 years in the food industry as an Executive Chef and Culinary Educator. Victor traded in his knives for a gym membership and decided to change his lifestyle. Working in the industry of food, Victor gives us a sneak peek to what goes on in the actual kitchen, but it does not end here with Victor, he will be a regular on the show with more intersting things to talk about. The two talk about the legalization of Marijuana, conspiracy theories, social media and lifestyle change. Wheels gives his two cents in at the end as well. Must listen to show.

For more info on wheels, check his website: http://wheelsparise.com

Follow Wheels on twitter: @wheelslive Instagram: @wheelslive and facebook http://facebook.com/wheelslive 

Follow Victor Parise on facebook @ Victor Parise and twitter: Yochef2

Check out episode one of of the new PODCAST…”The Way I See It” starring Michael Wheels Parise

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