EP 3. 01-13-05 THE WAY IS SEE IT. Michael Wheels Parise.

Episode 3 listen now. 

In this episode Wheels talks about how you can change your life and how it’s never to late. Wheels gives you his daily routine, talks about fast food, the present, self ignorance and moving forward. if you are having trouble making a lifestyle change, this is a must listen to episode. Michael Wheels Parise…”The Way i See It.” Podcast.

Follow Wheels Parise on his journey to living and total body transformation,l going from fat to fit. #fattofit @wheelslive

Twitter:@wheelslive Facebook: http://facebook.com/wheelslive Instagram: @wheelslive


Comedian, Michael Wheels Parise is going from fat to fit

Check out episode one of of the new PODCAST…”The Way I See It” starring Michael Wheels Parise

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