Calabrese Cooking. Pork Pizzaiola. 

This is my version of Pork Pizzaiola. I use fresh ingredients made available at your local grocer. 

This is a simple and delicious dish, Pork Pizzaiola. It originated from southern Italy, Calabria…the toe of the boot. Here are some of the steps: start with fresh pork ribs (country ribs)  smashed garlic, fresh oregano red onions, fresh fennel and Hot Calabrese Peppers. 


 Make the Pizzaiola Sauce. 

Add the ribs and simmer till tender.

Ok so their are a few steps missing: 

If you want the recipe, subscribe to my site,  go to my contact page put “Pizzaziola” and I’ll be happy to send it to you. 

Let’s eat! 

Chef, Michael Wheels Parise.