Michael Wheels Parise to Guest-star in episode 5 of the Showtime series “DICE” premiering April 10

Comedian and longtime best friend of Andrew Dice Clay, Michael Wheels Parise will make a guest starring appearance in the new Showtime series, “DICE”, premiering April 10 Showtime platforms. Check Wheels out this week in Scottsdale, AZ. at the Laugh Factory.

Wheels in Dice Showtime

As most of you know, Wheels has been with the Diceman since the late 80’s stemming back to Pips comedy Club in Brooklyn, NY., and has been opening for him on and off for the last 25 years while headlining the country when he is not with Dice. Wheels Parise can be seen this week Headlining April 7-10 at the Scottsdale Laugh Factory in Scottsdale Arizona.

Wheels in Dice Showtime 2

“This role is an interesting one”, says Wheels,…”I play Wheels but not his best friend “Wheels”, i play the owner of a nightclub, still friends but just not his best.” ” What is great about this role”  Wheels says is, “i could be seen in more episodes in the future if the show gets picked up for a second season, it has legs. I am not saying i will be but i am not saying i wont be.”

Make sure you watch the show “DICE” on Showtime, premiering April 10 and tune in to see, Michael Wheels Parise in episode 5 of 6.