Culinary Bio

Wheels in Dice Showtime

Costarring on the hits series “DICE” on Showtime. Playing “Wheels”, owner of “Wheels’s Chicken Shack” season 1. 

Michael Parise began his culinary career early as he had no choice, growing up in an Italian/American restaurant family from the Lawrence, NY.  It was a given.


Parise decided to blend his colorful comedy career with his passion for food. The results were extraordinary.


Formerly trained in Culinary Arts, he moved to Los Angeles in 1990 to pursue his comedy career.


Michael started diving in to the food industry in Los Angeles, becoming a working partner at Tangerine Restaurant in 2003, located on the famous Sunset Strip.  Hob-nobbing every night with the celebrity patrons, including, Halle Berry, Michael Jackson, Nick Cage, Woody Harrelson, among many others, that would frequent his restaurant, and dine on his New American fare infused with European influences.


In 2003, Parise was asked to compete among the top chefs in LA at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, CA, for, “The Great Chefs of LA” event. By the end of the competition, Michael won over the judges with his personality, and of course, his culinary talents. Parise had the honor of being inducted in to “The Great Chefs of LA” as the top-twenty winner.


Michael launched ”Hip On the Strip Catering Company,” and his reputation began to solidify as “the guy to call” in Hollywood. Parise had the honor of cooking for his elite clientele in Southern California, from Malibu to Beverly Hills and beyond. He was the most sought after boutique catering company in Los Angeles.


Still performing across the country, and acting when he could, he came up with an idea. While headlining a comedy club in Miami Beach, Michael came up with the idea to start a mail order cannoli business buying Cannoli He developed Cannoli Kings Catering and started shipping cannoli, all over the country while creating some of the biggest events, celebrity parties, and Red Carpets in Los Angeles.


His company became the “Caterers to the Stars.”  Cannoli Kings was known as “LA’s Favorite  Catering Company,” and Michael would soon win “Best Catering Company in Los Angeles” by FOX-LA and City Search.


 Starring in a VH-1 Reality Show called “Dice Undisputed,” Michael would showcase not only his comedy and acting abilities, but he also featured his catering company in eight episodes.


In 2008, Michael was offered to take over a restaurant in Chimney Rock, NC outside of Ashville. In 2009, Michael launched, “Parise’s New American Bistro,” and made a huge splash. Michael would do cooking segments on “Carolina Kitchen,” airing on the ABC affiliate in Asheville, cooking his signature recipes, as well as promoting his bistro. Parise’s New place soon became the number one fine-dining restaurant in Western North Carolina.


Selling the restaurant in 2010, Michael was offered his own residency in Las Vegas performing stand-up comedy at the Caesar’s  Rio Hotel and Casino.


Michael has his own style, a bit unorthodox to some, but very original and ground breaking to most. He has decided to blend food and comedy and take it to the next level, bringing it to television and beyond.


Michael lives between, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York, with his wife and daughter.


Contact: Rory Rosegarten, The Conversation Company, Ltd.