Views inspire me…follow your passion. 

As I sit in my hotel room in Soho and stare out the window, looking at the view of the NYC Skyline…I get inspired…Inspired creatively. Views inspire me in different ways. About 10 years ago I sat in my room in Miami and the view of the ocean inspired me to launch my LA catering company, Cannoli Kings. You really can do and be anything you want in this world, if you know how to control your thoughts and put your thoughts in to action, you can have anything you want. Life is about options and choices. I learned a long time ago to, think outside the box. Every single thing I do, does not fit in what we call a “normal” society. Nothing i do really makes sense to people who live inside the box…becoming a comedian, leaving my secure job in Nassau County and move to Los Angeles to Persue a dream that is not fathomable to normal society? What are you crazy Michael? You’re Wheels? Your family is going to have a fit!!… You really need to believe in yourself so strongly, that nothing gets in your way of your dreams. You have to not give a fuck what anyone says to you. You need to be relentless in following your passion.  As I look out the window in my hotel room, I see dreams. I see struggle, I see passion, I see life moving so fast that you better get your ass in gear and catch up. My career is on the upswing, I am seeing it, my fans are seeing it, the industry is seeing it. Something is about to happen, I am getting inspired, I am ready to take it to the next level. No one will be able to stop me because I am ready. Like I said, the last time was 10 years ago and my company became the #1 catering company in Los Angeles and thats no fucking  bullshit. Other than my comedy career, I am going to open something…  I know exactly what it is…it’s going to happen in the next 6 months, believe that. Do something that inspires you, think outside the box just once, follow your passion, don’t give a fuck what people think…do your thing. Live, love, laugh, put your dreams in to action!    

One thought on “Views inspire me…follow your passion. 

  1. Wheels it’s Mamone, you don’t know how much we got in common , man if you remember who Iam just email back, it’s great to see you doing well with a family, you love them like I love my wife and kids, I have fought back from a lot and I won’t stop! And I didn’t know you know Billy Gardell , he’s a funny guy , but much like us down to earth and real! Continued success ,and I don’t want nothin from you just when you go through a life altering experience (die) and come through it you look a life differently and try and reconnect with people,and when I come to Vegas I hope your playing and I’ll come check you out, again Michael good luck with everything!!! And thanks for keeping me laughing!!!

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